About Me

Once upon a time, I wondered what computers could do. More specifically, what I could do, given a computer. Since I embarked on this journey, I have ideated, iterated and finally materialized many useful projects.

Most recently, I used a mathematical model to predict the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Professionally, I contributed to the machine learning aspects of Alexa AI in my employ under Amazon. As a Data Scientist, I helped optimize vehicle routes to reduce carbon emissions in logistics in my employ under ZF Group, a German automotive corporation that’s into self-driving cars.

I envision technology that brings people closer to nature. I like to make sure that all the time spent in front of a screen is meaningful and deliberate, ‘Time well spent’ !

I am making efforts towards raising awareness about sustainability. I believe that will help reduce our negative impact on Nature, Climate and Wildlife.


I was born in Gujarat, India.
I know Gujarati and Hindi languages. I also learned Sanskrit, Spanish and French as a hobby.

I was born in a Hindu family. My vedic varna is Brahmin, obvious from my surname Trivedi.


My personality archetype is INTJ – ‘Architect’.
Only 2% of the general population has this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) including:
🎭 George Carlin
🔭 Stephen Hawkings
🎥 Christopher Nolan
💡 Friedrich Nietzsche


Putting my money where my mouth is…


Underprivileged children need our support in the COVID-19 crisis. I helped UNICEF in the need of the hour. I encourage you to do your part too.


I donated to Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation) to help everyone in the world get access to knowledge for free and let them share their knowledge freely.


When I donated a certain generous sum of money to a homeless woman trying to sell toys for her family at the beach, no camera could have captured her smile. I was donating generous amounts to honour my grandfather on his birthdate. I didn’t know her language so I don’t know what she said in response, but it was clear that she and her daughters were grateful for the kind gesture. I will never forget this moment, ever. It reminds me of the joy of giving in this unfair world.


The Duolingo Plus subscription doesn’t really add much to the experience, which is a good thing as they stay true to their mission to keep education free for millions. I subscribed just to support their efforts of making language learning accessible for everyone.

More donations planned for future

I developed a predictive SIR model for COVID-19 spread for an Indian state

September 12, 2020

I solved a number of sets of differential equations and plot the curves. I used Euler’s method by hand and with computational programs. I also applied the Runge-Kutta method in R language. I ran inferences that show the spread of infection using that mathematical model.

You’re welcome, 3020 and 12020

October 9, 2020

You’re welcome, 3020 and 12020

My code contribution to IBM’s Watson is selected by Microsoft GitHub for safekeeping in the Arctic World Archive Code Vault.

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DuoLingo 2022 Recap

December 7, 2022

DuoLingo 2022 Recap

Top 11% among all learners of the year.

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