Here’s to the Best Friends

Let’s take a moment to celebrate our favourite people. Not the pals, mates or chaps. The ones who have a special place in our hearts!

Here’s to the besties…

The BFFs…

Here’s to people who handle my childishness and my craziness with everything they have got.

When was the last time you were grateful? Did you express it? What was their reaction? Some people are really nice to us and we like them. But do we always tell them? If not, you may be taking their selfless love as granted.

Devansh does it ?

Here is a screenshot of my correspondence with the latest best friend:

Response I received: “And I would like you to know that u have always been someone who I can always count on. Thank you ?”

I am a very private person. So I did this in a very personal way.

How much to do it ?

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I once read research by Robin Dunbar. According to which we can have only 150 people in our life at any point of time, with a meaningful relationship. That’s because of the size (volume) of our brain. And you can’t remember more than 1500 faces with names. I actually started unfriending people on Facebook to go down to 1.5k friends. And I noticed that I now had the headspace to have much deeper conversations with a selected few.

If you keep dividing by 3, you will have number of people in each layer of your social sphere.

Slide 15 here by Chris Marsden

Brinda did it too! ??

My best friend Chinki Brinda went a step ahead and published a dedicated video to ALL her best friends!

If you don’t have 10 mintues to watch it all, here are my favourite quotes from her video:

  • Long time ago, I was not very open. I was basically turned into a wallflower. They say friends are casualities. But they are not that. They showed me my path.
  • Some people stick together with you for life. These people are like my family. They are part of my life. And they matter more to me than I matter to myself. You don’t find such friends a lot.
  • I went through some really crazy things in my life and they were always there and never ever questioned me or judged me for whatever I did.
  • I could see his smile through the phone whenever I said that I’m proud of you because that is what a relation is.
  • Even though we are not with each other, we see each other not being able to be there yet. We hear each other’s voice and we could just predict that yes, this is the expression they would be making or this is the thing they would be doing when they are talking.

She ends the video with:

Whether they accept it or not, but you are stuck with me. I’m not letting you go. You know more about me than I do. And I guess that is what a family is.

By Devansh Trivedi

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