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If even a single article I published became a resource you like to come back to, if a blog post I shared became your favourite link to send your friends when they broach some topic, or an idea I shared made a difference in the way your live your life of affected the life of people around you; making a one-time donation will show me your vote of appreciation, a gesture of your validation, a pat on my back, and puts your money where your thanks is 😂 for the time spent and the efforts I made.

If you are grateful for the insights I regularly deliver, if the icon of my web app has come to occupy some space on your Home Screen (maybe also some in your heart too !), you can help me keep going, to do what I do best, by contributing to my recurring costs.

I have been doing this since 2017, out of my own pocket. But year over year, the costs build up. I try to keep it as low as possible, but you can help me take the revolution up a notch and dial it to 11 if you chip in and make this sustainable for years to come.

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I would be so glad if someone found my work worth donating for multiple years! It would be as if I finally found my type of person. I’m sure my tribe is out there somewhere, people who want to build the kind of world that I aspire to. And I hope we can help contribute to similar causes together.

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