How I join Zoom meetings effortlessly

white smartphone beside silver laptop computer

I have been doing Yoga over a Zoom calls early in the morning since a couple of weeks now, and the links to the Zoom meetings are shared over a WhatsApp group.

When the Zoom meeting ends after 40 minutes, it is always a hassle to rejoin. I needed to do all these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Find the group
  3. Find the message
  4. Remember the meeting ID
  5. Open Zoom
  6. Enter the meeting ID
  7. Open WhatsApp again to find the passcode
  8. Remember the passcode
  9. Open Zoom
  10. Enter the passcode

Now I have automated all this down to just two clicks:

  1. Click on the Meeter icon in the menu bar
  2. Click on ‘Join Zoom Call’ button
GIF explaining how to use the Meeter menu bar with Minimalist UI and Native app

Since this is in my MacBook, I do not need to find my iPhone. And I can rejoin the meeting even if the iPhone is not around or has run out of battery.

Automation setup

To have this button available, I use two apps.

  1. iOS Shortcuts app (comes pre-installed in iPhones)
  2. Meeter app in the menu bar (the strip on the top of the screen)

You can download the Meeter app for free using the Mac App Store link from their official site, but with in-app purchases.

With the free version you will have to click ‘Allow’ in your default browser instead of directly opening the Zoom app.

GIF explaining how to use the Meeter menu bar with Default UI and browser

If you think the pro version is worth it, you can actually get it for free if you have a SetApp subscription.

SetApp is a subscription service that offers a collection of very expensive apps for a fraction of their price, legally. The business model is similar to Netflix. You can say SetApp is the Netflix of apps. I enjoy it so much, I have even published an article about all my favourite ‘quality of life improvements’. You can install SetApp to try 210+ apps for a week. I recommend signing up with my referral link to get 1 month free. That will grant you proper time to explore each app before you can decide whether you want to commit to a subscription or not.

Native app option for Zoom in Pro version

iOS Shortcut

I made a shortcut to easily add the Zoom meeting information (link, meeting ID and passcode) in my calendar.

Video of using my shortcut to create the calendar entry

You can install my shortcut from RoutineHub page.

PS: I recently discovered Meeter has an iOS app too. You can use it to join meetings from your iPhone.

Screenshot of Meeter iPhone app