How many years will my MacBook Air last

turned on macbook pro

As I blew past the battery life of my MacBook Air, the hype around the new M1 MacBooks really persuaded me to consider an upgrade. The inevitable obsolescence of Intel Macs made me feel the best time to sell mine is now, before the demand dies forever. Besides, I only got the cheapest MacBook with only 128 GB storage as it was my first-ever plunge into macOS, and I was skeptical about my friend/fanboy’s recommendation; given my linux background. Now that I am comfortable within the Apple ecosystem, I wouldn’t break a sweat over a higher end investment. My new M1 MacBook would be powerful enough to last me a decade. But wait, isn’t that the whole point of buying a computer? Shouldn’t they all last 10 years?

MacBook Air Lifespan Research

Quite recently, I have been cherishing a regular intake of tips from MacMost videos. I want to share one of the videos in which the depth of research of this gentleman thoroughly impressed me. Take a look at the following video to watch him do an admirable job of providing some context regarding the sustainability and longevity of a typical MacBook Air.

How Many Years Should a New Mac Last?

Inspired by his approach, I found the key dates of my MacBook Air to speculate how the hardware and software support from Apple in the coming years may affect my experience.

Timeline of the first MacBook Air of Devansh

Aeon Timeline is the app I used to make this timeline. If you use macOS, check out these videos on their official site. They offer a 20-day trial. You can get a longer trial with SetApp.

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mOSaic: My MacBook Air

So, what did I finally do? I am happy with my rare MacBook that has the following coveted features.

  • USB-A ports for flash drives
  • micro HDMI
  • SD Card reader
  • Headphone jack
  • MagSafe charger
  • An Apple logo on the back that actually glows

I reinstalled macOS and made sure that I only installed the apps that I really needed so that my new-like MacBook doesn’t start lagging again. And most importantly, told everyone who reads this blog that they can relax and save themselves the trouble of USB-C dongles and converters for the better part of the decade.