Hello Devansh, We haven’t formally met, but I always like connecting with industry leaders that embrace innovation. It would be great to have you a part of my network and share ideas on the latest trends in technology. Best,

Dr. Rado Kotorov, CEO @ Trendalyze (LinkedIn, 12 February 2021) Rado Kotorov

Hi Devansh, thanks for your message. I have entered into digitalisation space recently. Was going through one of your amazing posts sent you a request. Apologies for random request but just trying to be in touch with inspiring people ??? so I don’t miss out on good posts 🙂

Sakshi Kulshreshtha, Manager at EY Sakshi Kulshreshtha, Manager at EY

Hi there. I need your help. I’ve been learning ML for quite a time and now need your guidance so that someday even I could work at FANG companies like you. You have been a real inspiration for me, as to how you made it till Amazon from Tire 3 college and all by self-learning.

Jaydeep Dholakia Jaydeep Dholakia

Active towards learning, developing and implementing the ideas into the reality..

Vishwa Joshi, Business reprenstative at Fraction Tech Vishwa Joshi

Hi Devansh, I am working as a developer in Zoho. My work involves integrating my product with third party products by establishing partnerships with them and publishing apps in their marketplaces. I came to know about you in Meetup website and your bio seems to be very much interesting. I am glad to connect with […]

Eswari Jayakumar, Zoho Eswari Jayakumar for Testimonial

Hi Devansh, Being an investor & mentor for 13+ years, I have been looking to connect with entrepreneurs with exciting startups. Cheers, Satish

Satish Kataria

Hi Devansh, I am Vincent. For almost a decade I have worked with companies on their Cloud Services and Cost Optimisation requirements. Would like to be part of your network.

Vincent Anthony D’souza

Hi Devansh, I am reaching out to you for your vast experience in Data Science. Awign is currently searching for SMEs who can take Part-Time sessions on Data Sceince. In case this is something you find interesting, I would love to connect & discuss it further.

Kuldeep Singh Naruka (Awign・Ed-Tech・BITS-Pilani)

Hi Mr. Devansh, I really admire your work, I found your journey inspirational & as a new Data Scientist, it would mean a lot to me if you could share your experience with me. Your Sincerely,Shubham Gupta

Shubham Gupta, Data Scientist, Force Motors